Interview Plan

We will have a candidate for the English Ministry Pastor visiting our church in January.

This visit has 2 objectives:
  1. Give you (the church) the opportunity to get to know the pastor candidate and his wife.
  2. Confirm whether they are a pastoral team we want to invite long-term to co-pastor this church with Pastor Ju and Jennifer.
We want your participation and feedback.
If you have any concerns or questions, we are providing multiple forums to ask those questions and be heard.  

Here are your opportunities to meet, get to know, and engage the pastor candidate:

1st weekend:
Friday, January 13th - Tuesday, January 17th

Friday Night Joint Fellowship
  • Pastor candidate share their testimony, their history, their ministry in China, and their calling.  
  • Followed by informal Q&A.

Saturday: Signup for Individual Meetings
  • Opportunity for families, individuals, and small groups to sign up for 1 hour slots to talk with pastor candidate
  • 8:30am - 2:30pm - Signups are posted in the church lobby

Sunday Worship
  • Pastor candidate preaches to joint congregation.
  • Followed by time of open dialogue before lunch

Monday Open Forum - 6:30pm
  • Join the Elder Board and the Foxes to discuss any concerns, opportunities, questions, challenges.  
  • For those rushing from work, the church will provide a simple dinner for you.  Please RSVP to Elder AK so we can prepare adequate food.

Tuesday Night Prayer Meeting - 7:30pm
  • Join the church leadership and the pastor candidate to pray for God’s guidance and wisdom.

2nd weekend:
  • Saturday daytime - Available for individual meetings with pastor candidate.  Contact Pete or EB.
  • Sunday - Pastor candidate preaches to the English Congregation

There will also be more focused opportunities to meet the Foxes in a smaller group:

Smaller Meetings:
  • Women -  Informal women’s get together with the pastor candidate's wife on Thursday morning 1/12. Contact ZhiHua for info.
  • English Ministry Adults - Community Dinner with the pastor candidate on Friday 1/20, followed by fellowship time.  He will also be visiting your various small groups earlier in the week.
  • Youth - Pastor candidate l will join you during Sunday school 1/22 to get to know you better.  
  • Youth Parents - Pastor candidate wants like to know your hopes and dreams for your kids, and how the church can do a better job partnering with you to raise up awesome kinds in Jesus Christ.  Please join them for a special lunch get together on Sunday 1/22 after the worship service.
  • Everybody else - Sign up for a private slot Saturday morning, January 14th.

A copy of this schedule is posted in the church lobby.  Please contact me or the Elder Board if you have any questions.