Current ministries:
  • Youth - We desire the youth of our church to know God deeply.  We have youth group on Friday nights and youth Sunday school after worship on Sundays.  Middle school and high school students are welcome to join.  (Contacts: Elisabeth)
Upon reaching adulthood, today's American-Born Chinese (ABCs) often find the church has no place for them to worship and serve.  Caught between two worlds, they neither fit in mainstream Anglo churches nor in traditional OBC-oriented Chinese churches.  Many are at risk of leaving the church -  and possibly God altogether.  (See the article "Silent Exodus")  We provide a place for these people to connect, worship and serve with other Chinese- and Asian-American families and couple.
  • Men's Breakfast - We meet for Saturday breakfast once a month.  We aim to build a stable, consistent core of men who fellowship deeper, hold each other accountable, pray for each other, and build each other up in encouragement and the sharing of our walks. (Contact: Joel)
  • Children's Ministry - Combined with the Chinese side.  The children have their own Sunday school as well as Friday night programs.  Once a month, we have a Children's Worship Service.  We also have a nursery for babies and new mothers. (Contact: Sandy or Lin)
  • Intercultural Marriages - With the shrinking of the globe and the increase in connecting people via the internet, it is becoming common to find marriages that cross cultures.  These marriages pose unique challenges, and we strive to encourage these couples with the heart to mentor and serve them.