"Silent Exodus – Can the East Asian church in America reverse flight of its next generation?" by Helen Lee
Seminal 1996 article from Christianity Today reporting the crisis of faith facing many Asian-Americans.  A decade and a half later, it still rings true.

"Asian churches in the United States are discovering that despite their spec­tacular growth they are simultane­ously losing their children.  At an alarming rate, many young believers who have grown up in these Asian congrega­tions are now choosing to leave not only their home churches, but possibly their Christian faith as well.

"In many respects, the Asian church in the United States has been hugely success­ful since the mid-1960s, when immigra­tion restrictions were dramatically relaxed.

"The surge in Asian immigration led to an explosion of new churches.  But the flip side of this success story has been a silent exodus of church-raised young people who find their immigrant church­es irrelevant, culturally stifling, and ill equipped to develop them spiritually for life in the multicultural 1990s."

Co-op of Portland-based Asian-American youth leaders reaching local Asian-Am youthMeets monthly and changing the world!  See their Facebook page.

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